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Constructing proposals and such is actually quite difficult to accomplish, especially if its one of the first times you happen to be doing so. I was skeptical at first like most people would be, I just didn’t understand how some web application would help me put together client proposals with ease.

The cool thing about Bidsketch is that there’s plenty of different templates to choose from, all of which have reasonable fees and designs (as well as content) within them. This means you don’t have to start from scratch every single time, saving you money and time at almost every opportunity. Not only that, but you have the ability to embed images and videos within these proposals. This added another dimension to the entire ordeal and that’s why I thought it was such a great web application to make use of. There are obviously certain goal objectives that you need to incorporate within your proposal, and bidsketch makes it easier than I ever thought it could be.

You get that professional touch with your design that’s truly needed in the end, there are multiple design templates to choose from and that means your clients should be more than happy with the way your proposals look. Looks can be deceiving some times, there are those who put together a proposal that looks great but truly has no merit to it. Then there are others that have a proposal which looks rather bad, but actually has a lot of useful information packed into it. You need to find the right about of balance, and that’s exactly what bidsketch provides.

I plan on using Bidsketch this year and see if it adds value. It’s looking good so far. I was able to make a test proposal in 2 minutes.


Below are three of the most impressive features in Bidsketch.

1. Reusable sections

Bidsketch provides reusable sections – Opening and closing sections. This is such an elegant feature – that makes proposal creation easy and fast. There are pre-written sections to get started or you can create your own.

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2. Highrise integration

I am a highrise user and Bidsketch loads all the contacts from highrise and when I send out proposals – it adds a note to the highrise.

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3. PDF Generation

Bidsketch generates really good looking PDFs. That include your company logo and neatly laid out sections. Design and customisation is easy as point and click.

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Try Bidsketch and see if it adds value to your business