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Design & code process

Agile development process that extends from discovery to completion


Any new technology is useless if users are not able to use it.Therefore, user-centered design process from the start to theend focuses only on the end user.It is a process of identifying anapproach that attains both users’ expectations and your business goals. Our analytical and research-oriented approach delivers strategic insights on your customers’ reactions to and interactions with your application.

IA & Wireframes

Wireframe is a tool that facilitates effective communication between team members. Wireframes can also be shared with the clients. It is an effective way of visualizing the data structure and representing UI features which allows early testing of workflows, navigation, and overall data structure.

User Testing

Our experience shows that intuitiveness is a key aspect for customer satisfaction and, ultimately, a successful application. We conduct user-testing sessions and perform comprehensive analysis and make improvements.


Look & Feel Design (UI)

The graphical appeal of your website, along with its navigation, has a huge influence on your users’ first impression. With our deep understanding  of different  archetypes and their interaction capacities the product we create will be successful in delivering a positive initial encounter.


Front-End Code

Focusing on people, their expectations and motivations, we develop intuitive web and mobile applications that people will love to use. With more than a decade of experience, we  deliver satisfying and fulfilling experience for the users no matter what theplatform.Whether it’s an app for the Web, iOS, Android or any other platform, the Mirza Bros got you covered.

Story Boards / Remote Testing / On-site Testing

Integration Support

At Mirza Bros Design we take peace of mind of our valued customers very seriously. We believe you need enough time to discover any imperfection in our code and design. That’s why our work come with a 60-day warranty. We provide technical support and assistance during back-end integration to make you completely worry-free.